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Saturday Auctions

Call us on 01206 842156
Saturday Deadstock Auction

A weekly auction held at the Livestock Market, Wyncolls Road, Colchester, CO4 9HU with a wide variety of items for sale from bikes to household furniture to timber with approximately 1500-1750 lots offered a week.

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The Furniture Saleroom

Terms and Conditions

Monthly sale of items including Furniture, Jewellery, Electrical Appliances and other household items. The auction begins at 10.00 am. A buyers Premium of 15% is charged on every item purchased from the saleroom.

Items are accepted for auction within the saleroom on Wednesdays and Thursdays 9.00am-12 noon and 1pm- 4.30pm.

Viewing of the sale items is available between 1pm – 5pm every Friday and 8.30am-10am every Saturday morning before the sale.

Vendors Commission as of 1st March 2015 of 14% + VAT and a Lot Charge of £2 including VAT items is taken in the saleroom.

Outside Auctions.

Open for Entries February-November

Friday 8am to 4pm

Saturday 7am to 9am

Open For entries December-January

Friday 8am to 4pm

Saturday 7.30am to 9am


Commission Rates | Items Not Accepted for sale | Entry Form

Bird, Small Mammals and Plants Auction

Please ensure birds are presented in a clean box or bird cage for sale and please do not reuse old boxes. All Buyers please note we will be re registering people with new numbers. Please arrive early to facilitate this process.


Held in the Cattle Sale Ring starting at 9.45 with over 100 lots each week of chickens, caged birds, rabbits and other small mammals followed by plants in the cattle pens.

All lots for these auctions must be entered by 9.15 on the morning of the sale with plants accepted on Fridays between 8am and 4pm.

Vendors Commission for birds and animals is 15% + VAT(15% +VAT for Vat Registered Vendors) and 17.5 %+VAT (17.5%+VAT for VAT Registered Vendors) for plants

Timber Auction

Held after the plants have finished at approximately 10.45, over 100 lots of timber every week sold by the length/board.

All lots to be entered by 9am on the morning of the sale with entries taken throughout the week.

Vendors Commission for the timber sale is 21% (17.5% for VAT registered vendors) with a 50p lot charge on all unsold lots

Motor Vehicles

The auction of Motor Vehicles commences at 10am with Cars, Trailers and caravans included.

Entry Fees for Cars are £28.50 and £10 for Trailers and Caravans with a commission of 12% of the sale price. The Entry Fees are refunded against the commission so you don’t pay it twice.

To sell motor vehicles it is required that we be in possession of a full current vehicle registration document . Entries are accepted until 9.30am on the day of the sale


Starting immediately following the Car Auction we have an average of over 150 bikes a week to a peak of 250. We attract buyers from London and Cambridge so there is always a demand for any bike that you may wish to sell.

Please Note: Due to a number of instances of stolen bikes passing through the market, Stanfords reserve the right to carry out any checks deemed necessary on any entered cycle before it is sold.

A Commission rate of 15% and £1 a lot(12.5% and 83p for VAT registered vendors) is charged for cycles in the sale.

Electrical tools and household appliances.

Commencing after the Cycle sale has concluded the auction of electrical tools and household appliances is held in the small saleroom next to the market cafe. All items are tested for electrical safety and are sold as seen.

A Commission rate of 15% and £1 a lot(12.5% and 83p for VAT registered vendors) is charged as well as a £2.00 fee for each electrical safety test and £2.00 if any replacement plugs are required. (All Plugs for sale must be up to BS 1363 standard.). Any items that fail to pass the electrical safety test will not be entered for sale and may be scrapped if not collected.

Yard Sale

The yard auction commences directly after the auction of electrical items has concluded. The auction generally consists of over 400 lots including garden tools, mowers, chainsaws, garden furniture, household items and building materials.

A Commission rate of 15% and £1 a lot(12.5% and 83p for VAT registered vendors) is charged for all items in the yard sale.


ALL sales have a minimum commission of £2.40 (£2 + VAT for VAT Registered Customers)