EU Grants Available in Essex

Through the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SE LEP) around £14.5 million of European funding is available to individuals and businesses in the South and East for the period 2014 – 2020. This is available as grants concentrating on rural business development, rural tourism infrastructure and food processing

The grants are administered by the SE LEP and the Rural Payment Agency (RPA).

There is an annual rolling call for applications with applicants free to submit their expressions of interest to the RPA currently.

The minimum grant size will be £50,000 with the maximum varying according to the sub-measure, taking into account the limits of State Aids. Grants can be up to 40% of the total project size.

The Grants are available to all small rural businesses, including farmers who want to diversify.

The intention is for grants to assist businesses to start up, grow and create jobs. They are capital grants for constructing or improving buildings or buying new equipment and machinery. Plus some other costs (not revenue).

Further information can be found here

Other smaller grants are available to rural businesses and rural communities through the EU LEADER programme spearheaded by Local Action Groups (LAGs) and endorsed by DEFRA and SE LEP.

LEADER funding is available to local businesses, communities, farmers, foresters and land managers. The six aims of the LEADER funding are:

support micro and small businesses and farm diversification
boost rural tourism
increase farm productivity
increase forestry productivity
provide rural services
provide cultural and heritage activities
Each LAG decides which projects they will fund within their area. To find out more information and to apply, contact your LAG. Contact details and further information about LEADER can be found here

The map below shows the LAGs within Essex.