Stanfords Deadstock Auctions as from 15th June 2020

Please be aware these are not permanent rules but they will be the rules and guidelines that the market will operate under as we open up.

General rule and guidelines

  1. Please do not attend the market if you have or are showing any symptom’s of Co-vid 19.
  2. Anybody visibly unwell will be refused admission.
  3. Please use the sanitiser provided around the site.
  4. It is a requirement to wear gloves if you are handling the goods.
  5. Please follow the signposted one way system.
  6. Customers who do not follow instructions and social distancing will be asked to leave the site.
  7. Only 2 people allowed into the office at one time. Entrance is via the front door with exit via the side door.
  8. Masks are optional but are preferred when viewing the items in the Saleroom.
  9. Initially we will only hold 2 auctions. The bike sale starting at 10am and the Yard sale to follow after the bike sale has concluded.
  10. The Fruit and veg stand will be open although in an altered place.
  11. Access to the site on sale day will only be by the office gate. We have installed a second gate and pathway to allow a one way system.
  12. The market will open for Entries at 7 and viewing at 8.30. Access for anything but entry of goods on Saturday morning will only be given to customers of the Fruit and veg stall and people wishing to register, who will be required to leave the site and re-enter after 8.30 if they wish to attend the auction.
  13. Toilets will be made unisex for the time being. Each toilet will be a 1 person limit. If the door is open then it is free if the door is shut then it is not open. Disinfectant wipes will be available and checks and sanitisation by staff will take place during the day.

Entry of Goods

  1. Goods will be accepted on Thursday between 8 and 3, Friday between 8 and 3 and by appointment on Saturday morning between 7 and 8.
  2. There will be limited number of loads accepted on Saturday Mornings and all must be pre booked. If not pre booked you will not be given access to the site with your goods.
  3. A full entry form must be filled in with a list of your entered goods. Please read the terms and conditions on these forms to make sure you are happy. No signed entry form will mean no sale.
  4. Stanfords reserve the right to refuse any goods that we deem unsaleable. If these goods are left without our permission a dumping charge of £25 will be applied to your account.
  5. When bringing goods to the market please arrive via the main gates and follow the directions of members of staff.
  6. Whilst waiting to unload please remain in your vehicle.
  7. Staff will direct you where to unload your items. Once unloaded a full entry form will be needed to be filled in.
  8. Once you are finished please leave the site.

Viewing of items.

  1. Viewing will be essential with the method of sale we will be conducting. All viewing will be using the one way system in place.
  2. A catalogue/list will be available to allow you to mark your items you wish to purchase.
  3. There will be 3 areas. 1. The bikes, 2. The Saleroom, and 3. the Yard.
  4. The Bike area will be accessed down the end of the cattle pens and then a one way system will take you around the bike rails. Please follow the signs and arrows around the site.
  5. Access to the yard one way system will be available.
  6. Exit of this area will be out through the cattle pens or via the yard one way system.
  7. The saleroom will be entered by the fire exit door, with the exit via the main door.
  8. We have laid tables out to form a pathway and to allow social distancing.  Please follow the one way system.
  9. The yard area will have a one way system laid out with arrows that will flow with the other systems.

The Auctions

  1. The bike auction will be conducted from one spot. A staff member will go along and display the bike currently being sold.
  2. Once completed bikes can be collected from the bike area with a paid receipt. No bikes will be allowed to leave the auction area without a receipt.
  3. The yard auction will start after the bike auction. This will begin outside the saleroom where we will sell items displayed inside. This will include all chainsaws, electrical items and small plant.
  4. We will then sell the rest of the yard. This will be conducted from fixed points. Please follow instructions when moving between spots. A staff member will indicate the items being sold with an indicator stick. After selling one section we will move to the next section.


  1. All payments will be made by either cheque or BACS payment.
  2. There will be no payment made on the day of the sale. Should you wish to collect historic monies please contact the office during the week and we will be able to assist you with this.
  3. All goods will only be offered for 1 week. If unsold the items will require collection before the next week begins.
  4. A £25 dumping charge will be applied if we are left with goods without agreement to re-enter.


  1. All Buyers must be registered and have their buyers cards on them at the time of sale.
  2. Registrations will be available on the morning of the sale or during the week by attending the office with ID
  3. All bids must be paid for in the office. We will not be accepting cash outside whilst the auction is being carried out.
  4. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque or debit/credit card.
  5. Payment must be made on the day of sale. Unless a commission bid has been left where payment will be accepted on collection of the goods.
  6. Collection of goods will only be possible once payment has been made and then only with a paid invoice presented to a staff member.
  7. Once you have paid please return to your vehicle and enter the site via the top gate where you will be given access with the production of your receipt. You will be directed to a collection point where staff will assist you with collection of your items in a safe manner.
  8. All goods must be cleared before the following Thursday to allow us to start the following weeks sale preparation.
  9. Any partial lots left behind will incur a £10 dumping charge
  10. Commission bid will be accepted on the understanding that the goods will be paid for and collected before the following Thursday.