To All Market Supporters
RE: Christmas Prime Stock Show 2020
I am writing to you with regard to Stanfords’ plans to hold a Prime Stock Show and Sale this year.
You will all be aware of the extraordinary issues that have arisen since Covid hit this country and the responsibilities we all have.
It is, however, my intention that Stanfords run a show this year although on a reduced basis. I cannot see there is any other way we can proceed.
The current intention and this is of course subject to final government direction which seems to be changing by the hour if not weekly is to hold a cattle and sheep show with reduced classes for heavy steers and heifers, light steers and heifers and home bred cattle. There will be no pairs or unhaltered classes this year.
With regard to sheep there will be three classes being best pen of Texel X Lambs, best pen of Continental Bred Lambs other than Texel and a third class for a best traditional bred lambs. There will be no weight classes.
It is unlikely we will be able to judge the cattle in the ring other than the Supreme Champion due to current Covid Regulations.
It is also very unlikely we will be able to present the prizes this year at a Prime Stock Dinner in January, although Stanfords wish would still be that we would hold such an event later in the year.
I accept it has been an extremely difficult year for everybody and Stanfords can only thank all those who have supported the Livestock Market through these difficult times.
Personally, I and my Partners are still confident of the future of the livestock market and that is one of the major reasons we wish to have the show this year.
It will be different but at least there will be a show we can use for positive publicity.
Detailed entry forms provided will be provided in due course but I thought a brief outline would help all potential Vendors to plan ahead.
Also I have to make it clear that due to the difficulty of space, we will be restricting entries to those pre-entered one week before and to a maximum of two animals or pens per class.
I do know this will be difficult for some Vendors but this hopefully is a one off and the future of the show needs to be considered here.
Steven Ellis will be in contact as soon as possible with regard to the final detailed entry forms.
My Best Wishes.