We are pleased to announce that we will be resuming our fur and feather sale on Saturday the 14th August with the sale starting at 9.45 and the plants will follow.

Please note the following rules in relation to buying and selling in the Bird sales.

Please note the following important information about resumption of our Bird sales.

  1. All birds must be on site by 9.00 to allow time for processing before the sale, we will open for accepting birds at 7am
  2. Before travelling with your birds please ensure that they:-
    1. Are showing no sign of disease
    2. That the birds presented for sale have been not been moved in the past 13 days
    3. The container that you are selling them in is clean (must not be visibly contaminated by any more than droppings from transportation), secure and gives enough space for the bird to be comfortable in. Any birds presented in containers that do not meet these criteria will be refused entry on to the site.
  3. Upon arrival birds will be checked for signs of disease before being permitted to enter the sale area. Any birds showing signs of disease will be isolated to allow a check by a Vet.
  4. The seller will provide the following information.
    1. Full Name
    2. Home Address and details of the premises of Origin of the birds if different.
    3. Telephone Numbers and e-mail
    4. A full disclosure of the type and number of birds you are selling.
    5. A signed decleration that you comply with the following points.

a) they have read and will comply with the biosecurity information provided; and
b) that to the best of their knowledge their birds have not been in contact with any
notifiable avian disease agents and do not show any signs of infection; and
c) the address of the premises of origin of the birds, with confirmation that the birds
do not originate from a premises within a Protection Zone, Surveillance Zone,
Temporary Control Zone, Temporary Movement Control Zone or other notifiable
avian disease controlled zone; and
d) that if the bird is a specified category of bird, that it has not attended any fair,
market, show, exhibition or other gathering in the previous 13 days