Planning & Development can be a minefield that requires strategic and cautious navigation. Our Planning & Development team are here to support our clients through each stage of the process, offering invaluable advice and guidance to ensure successful project completion.

Planning advice & site appraisals

Planning applications of any scale are rarely straightforward. Receiving the right advice at the right time can help to avoid or swiftly overcome hurdles. Our experience and in-depth understanding of local planning restrictions and requirements can help to simplify the planning process whether you’re applying for a domestic property extension or a commercial property view build.

Planning applications & appeals

Planning applications and appeals can be costly processes, so reducing unnecessary mistakes and minimising unlikely requests all helps to streamline the timescale and costs involved in any application. Our expert advice and knowledge can help you submit strong applications and appeals significantly increasing your chances of achieving the best possible outcome for your plans.

Local plan representations

By understanding and keeping abreast of local plans we can offer strategic advice and guidance to our clients in relation to their future planning proposals and development projects. Our expert involvement can help influence forthcoming developments andstrengthening our clients’ applications in terms of timing, content and success rates.

Who's who


Peter has over 35 years of planning experience, 30 of which were spent in local authorities, mainly based in Essex, including Maldon District Council and Tendring District Council. He has experience in the consideration of and determination of every possible type of planning application, including major residential and commercial developments, large scale infrastructure projects and a vast array of other development proposals, covering the rural and urban landscape. Peter joined Stanfords in 2016, having spent the previous 7 years with a regional private practice.

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